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18 month Vision Update



After two years of planning, consultation, and data gathering, Lighting the Way: A Vision for Catholic Schools was released in August of 2012. Since that time, we have been working hard to implement dozens of initiatives outlined in the Vision. Eighteen months later, we are proud to report that the Vision is already making a difference in the future of our schools. While Catholic school education has always been strong in the Archdiocese, Lighting the Way is helping us achieve our goal of providing a high-quality Catholic education that is available, accessible, and affordable to the families of southwest Ohio.

This report offers a glimpse of the most impactful initiatives of Lighting the Way, including tasks yet to come. This is not an exhaustive list! For a full account of initiatives, as well as a complete history of the Vision, visit catholiccincinnati.org/education (select Lighting the Way).

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Topics include: Catholic Boot Camp, High School Religion Curriculum, and more!
Topics include: ELA Graded Course of Study, Professional Development, and more!


Topics include: Archdiocesan Marketing Plan, Latino Initiative, and more!

Topics include: New Principal’s Academy, High School Boards, and more!


Topics include: Capital Campaign & Tuition Assistance, Financial Vitality Metric, and more!

Topics include: School Change Process and Archdiocesan Education Policies.