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Kindle the Fire

February 21st, 2012by Fr. Satish Joseph

The unveiling of the iPad was a technological “burning bush” experience for many people. Not just tech wizards and geeks but ordinary folks approached the technological revolution with a sense of awe that near rivals Moses’ bare foot moment. Finally, the prospect of being liberated from the slavery to space and weighty gadgets to the promised land of unrestricted and seamless communication seemed possible. Unlike the two tablets with which Moses descended the mountain numerous tablets have since descended upon the global scene.

I was not among those wizards, geeks and even ordinary folk that celebrated this technological Pentecost. No! I resisted the temptation to join the throngs of enthusiasts who we often catch gazing into colorful screens oblivious of the happenings around them. I was content with a laptop on my desk where for years I have composed countless homilies, retreats and e-mails. That was… until this Christmas.

This Christmas, one of the families in the parish gifted me a Kindle Fire. I was neither amused nor excited. Like Moses, I felt pressured to proceed to a place I was resisting. The kindle lay unwrapped for days. I did not carry it on my anticipated vacation to India. When I returned the Kindle was exactly where I left it – the draw in the study. I initially picked it up to beat my jet lag. To counter my sleepless hours at night I began toying with the idea of stepping into the unknown.

It happened the third night; I discovered that the Divine office was available on Kindle. To have all the hours in front in audio and video format was my latest ah-ha moment. The Pentecost finally came to me. My liberation was not the technological kind but that I did not have to navigate the complex pages of four volumes of the Divine office. I could miraculously find the entire days prayer in one place no matter what the season, feast or solemnity. Normally, I pray the Divine office once a day. But now, at parking lots and doctor’s office and almost anywhere I find myself praying the Divine Office. Should I state the obvious? My prayer life has dramatically changed. I am in the technological and spiritual Promised Land.

I often pray the well-known prayer: “Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love.” I did not know that the Holy Spirit would answer literally.


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Fr. Satish Joseph

Fr. Satish Joseph is the associate pastor at Immaculate Conception and St. Helen parishes in Dayton. He is also the founder Ite Missa Est ministries. You can find his free iPhone and droid apps by typing in itemissaest or ite missa est.