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Does Jesus Live Online?

February 28th, 2012by Joshua Danis

I remember just a few years ago at the debut of a book entitled The World is Flat, I was astounded by what the author Thomas Friedman called our ability to Inform. He said that in a very few short years, much of the world would be able to access any conceivable information in a matter of seconds, perhaps even from their smart phones. This was in 2005, and I was very much an unbeliever at the time. Yet now it is 2012, and for over year, I have utilized the luxury of this almost limitless compilation of data which is instantly available on my phone.

If I am in an argument over which quarterback won the 1983’ Superbowl, I just drop the question into a search engine, and immediately Joe Theisman’s name pops up. If I want to know which actress starred in the 1951 musical classic, An American in Paris, Google quickly throws out the name Leslie Caron. With all this instantly available data that can be accessed from anywhere, one could ask the question, “Why do we need to know anything anymore?” Aren’t even questions of faith easily resolved by a quick check of the online catechism?

In fact, there are remarkable new benefits available to people of faith. Not only are we free to quickly go deeper on any question of theology, but also, should our minds or memories fail us, the virtual mind of the internet can always pinch-hit with a surprising accuracy. That being said, this is no time to rest on our laurels. With this opportunity comes the responsibility to grow our minds and hearts. We must deepen the quality of our prayer lives, and come to know not just the facts of faith, but the person behind them. With information so passively available, let us actively recommit ourselves to relationship with the one who loves us best. You might meet Jesus Christ on the internet, but he does not live there. He lives in the hearts and souls of those who know and love him. So take advantage of this and every tool at your disposal that you might hold close to our beloved Lord, Jesus Christ.

Seek the Lord, while he may be found, call him while he is near. Is 55:6

Joshua Danis

Joshua Danis is the Northern Coordinator for the Family and Respect Life Office. He and his wife also are working together to build their lives as a domestic church.