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Why I Love Being Catholic

May 22nd, 2012by Lindsey Simmons

I really do love being Catholic, though that wasn’t always the case. Growing up in the southern United States, I was a minority among the Protestants, especially in the rural town of Statesboro, Georgia, where I went to college. I’m ashamed to admit that one day a professor asked my class if anyone was Catholic, and when no other hands were raised, I shrank in my seat. Today I would proudly claim Catholicism, but at that time I never had a full appreciation—nor understanding—of my Catholic faith. I do now.

Here are 5 reasons I love being Catholic:

  • The universality of the Catholic Church. We can go nearly anywhere in the world and find Mass and fellow Catholics. Here’s a great website for finding churches and Mass times worldwide:
  • We get to experience Jesus in the Eucharist. I could write an entire blog post on what an amazing gift it is to receive the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus in the Eucharist as well as to be able to spend time with the Lord in Eucharistic Adoration!
  • The limitless graces of the sacraments. As Sr. Briege McKenna says in her book, The Power of the Sacraments: “If we take the time to think about [the sacraments], we will better understand what a great treasure our Lord gave us in them…Instead of becoming routine, each sacrament we receive will become more and more of a personal meeting with Jesus.”
  • The saints, Catholic prayers and devotions. Need inspiration or a model of holiness to follow? Just read about the lives of the saints or martyrs, some of whom composed the beautiful prayers, novenas, litanies, hymns and songs that are part of our rich tradition.
  • Mary. Catholics have a true understanding of Mary’s pivotal role in salvation history and deep appreciation and reverence for the Mother of God. I love Marian devotions, especially the rosary.

Why do YOU love being Catholic?


Also published on American Catholic blog.

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Lindsey Simmons

Lindsey Simmons is the publicity, social and digital media manager at Franciscan Media. She is a parishioner at St. Gertrude Parish and she occasionally attends the traditional Latin Mass. An animal lover, she has a dog and cat.