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Faith to Move… Me

June 11th, 2012by Mary Anne Bressler

I like to think of myself as a lilies of the field type person, trusting in God to take care of me. This philosophy has stood me in good stead. I turn my worries, fears and problems to God, and God helps me through. I think that scripture provides many examples of people who did well with this outlook. Abraham trusted in God to provide him descendents. Moses trusted God to help him free the Israelites. Mary trusted God in all things.

Sometimes, of course, God makes unexpected requests of those who place their trust in God’s care. (See Abraham, Moses, Mary.) This has recently happened to me, and I find that my life is now moving in a direction that I had not anticipated. I am going to be leaving the parish where I have been a member since I was five and on the staff for six years (not counting a dozen or so years part-time), to begin a new ministry at another parish. Had someone suggested a year—even a couple months ago—that I would be uprooting in this manner, I would have rolled a skeptical eye. Why would I do that?

God began whispering to me about this change through the voices of some St. Anthony parishioners, who suggested I apply for the job. Even when I don’t consciously recognize it, I apparently hear the urging of the Spirit. That is the only explanation I have for my decision to apply.

At the interview, I began to have a sense of “rightness” about the job and the very nice people I met from the parish. Yet, I was still not quite sure. (I can’t quite aspire to the level of trust of my patron saint.) It took a ride up to Ault Park, praying Hail Mary’s to clear my mind, to open up a space for God’s voice to really come through loud and clear. It’s time to take that leap of faith. And so, on June 10 I will begin a new ministry at St. Anthony Church in Madisonville, confident that God will give me exactly what I need. Because that’s what God does.

Mary Anne Bressler

Mary Anne Bressler is a parishioner and Pastoral Associate at St. Anthony Church in Madisonville and an adjunct faculty member at Xavier University.