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Summer Reading List

July 12th, 2012by Steve Feldmann

Little League is over for the season.  Vacations are in full swing.  The heat is rising and the cool of the pool and the indoors are beckoning.

Time to figure out what to read.

I decided to go to the best source in Cincinnati for the latest and the greatest in Catholic books.  I called Dan Giroux at The Catholic Shop in Madiera and asked him to put together 5 or so books that would be great reads.

He came through with the following recommendations.  The descriptions are a paraphrasing of the publisher descriptions for each book.

1)  The Way of Trust and Love by Jacques Philippe

Fr. Philippe uses the writings of St. Therese of Lisieux and extracts insights that have great relevance to our lives.  Fr. Philippe is a renowned author and retreat director.  Discover or rediscover this great saint and Doctor of the Church.

2)  For Greater Glory by Ruben Quezada

This volume is the companion book to the film.  If you haven’t seen For Greater Glory, you should.  It is an epic portrayal of Mexico in the 1920s when Catholicism was all but outlawed and the people had to fight for their religious liberty and their faith.  This book takes you deeper into this period of history and its relevance today.

3)  The Catholic Briefcase by Randy Hain

We are called to be Catholics 24/7.  So how do we integrate our faith with our workplace?  This book provides all you need to learn how to be a Catholic in your work.

4)  A Father’s Tale by Michael O’Brien

A noteworthy work of Catholic fiction follows the long journey of a middle-age widower who goes in search of his college-age son who has disappeared.  The journey takes him from his safe and quiet world to places and people that are at times fascinating and frightening.  He finds hope and strength despite (or because of) the suffering he sees and his encounter with the fight between good and evil.

5)  Finding Confidence in Times of Trialby St. John of Avila

St. John of Avila (1500-1569) has recently been declared a “Doctor of the Universal Church.”  This volume of his best letters provides a great insight into this great Church reformer who battled corruption among the clergy and rampant consumerism among the laity.  The letters reflects his teachings on habits, suffering, beauty, the liturgical year, personal resolutions, and the Holy Mass.  There are lessons for laity and clergy alike.

6)  The Little Book of the Blessed Virgin Mary by Raoul Plus, S.J.

Fr. Plus helps us go deeper into our relationship with the Blessed Mother and her Son.  By focusing on her heart, he draws us into her words, attitudes, and actions, as well as the events of her life.  He calls us to imitate her and brings us into a wonderful encounter with her.

7)  Heresy by Michael Coren

Michael Coren takes on ten great myths about Christianity that are perpetuated in popular media.  Mr. Coren uses history and examples in detailing the myths, and then uses our Christian beliefs to explain the Christian response to these myths.

8) Style, Sex, and Substance  by Hallie Lord

This book is a series of writings by women for women.  It is edited by Hallie Lord who is a Generation X-convert to Catholicism and whose own story is included as one of the chapters.  The chapters cover a wide-range of articles impacting contemporary Catholic women.  Each ends with a series of questions for internal reflection or group discussion.


This is the list.  Why not pick one or two (or three) off of it and increase your knowledge of your Catholic faith.  Feel free to add your own recommendations in the comments.  And be sure to stop by and see Dan at The Catholic Shop.  He and his store are a great resource for the Archdiocese.

Steve Feldmann

Steve Feldmann is the Director of Agency Advancement for Catholic Charities SouthWestern Ohio. He is married with four children (two of whom are foster sons) and a parishioner of St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish in Liberty Township.