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Lighthearted Moments

July 24th, 2012by Mary Anne Bressler

It’s not all so serious

I’m pretty sure that a sense of the ridiculous is a gift straight from God. There are just too many amusing, entertaining and downright silly occurrences in life for that not to be true, and many of these moments happen in the context of ministry. I suspect they are God’s way of keeping us from getting too weighted down or taking ourselves too seriously.

For many years I provided childcare for an ecumenical Vacation Bible School that my parish coordinated with other neighboring congregations. Some of the children of the drama volunteers saw quite a bit of me as I watched them for a few weeks before VBS began while their parents practiced. One day one of the mothers told me that her child had asked her if they were going to visit St. Mary Anne. Flattering, but probably not predictive!

In my new position, I do a prayer service once a week at a nearby retirement community. The prayer service takes place in the theater of the facility. I must admit that the ambiance is interesting. There are pictures on the walls of stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood. The cross, candles and ciborium sit on a ledge in front of the screen. The “pews” are movie theater seats.

But my favorite part is the life-size cardboard cut-out that stands right next to the “pulpit” (a podium). The first time I went there as an observer it was Judy Garland. Next time, when I was leading the prayer, it was Dean Martin. I have to say it was slightly disconcerting to have Dino standing beside me while I prayed. (At least he wasn’t holding a martini!) I’m pretty sure Dean was Catholic, so maybe he enjoyed being represented. Nevertheless, I think next week I’ll move him next to Humphrey Bogart.

Mary Anne Bressler

Mary Anne Bressler is a parishioner and Pastoral Associate at St. Anthony Church in Madisonville and an adjunct faculty member at Xavier University.