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Run As to Arrive

May 21st, 2013by Joshua Danis

Paul tells us in First Corinthians that we must run so as to win the race, but Paul must not have been talking about the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon!  I ran my first one this year as part of Run For The Call, an initiative that promotes Vocational Awareness for all God’s people.  I knew I would love being part of the initiative, but I had never suspected how much I would love being part of the marathon itself.

 Flying Pig MarathonMile after mile, the streets were lined with cheering crowds, encouraging us towards our goal.  We were constantly met by smiling faces and hand-waving children.  We were nourished by generous outpourings of food, drink, and music.  And that does not even speak to the support we received from our fellow runners.  The best of the best may have been running so as to win the race, but the rest of us, thousands of us, were ONE TEAM, bringing each other towards that profound moment of a task well done!

As later miles stretched out, harder and longer, I began to rely more and more on those precious shout-outs of encouragement; those little boosts that came with every high-five.  I kept thinking, “This feels so much like Church! 

Just like the marathon, the Church is a multitude of hope-filled souls facing an arduous task.  We come to love the race, but our hearts never stop burning for the finish.  We may become discouraged along the way, but we are never left alone.  Finally, when the moment arrives that we reach our goal there will be the ecstasy of hearing those words, “Well done, good and faithful servant…”

For all who participate, all who cheer, all who organize, I pray that the experience of the marathon might draw them to a deeper desire for that ultimate finish line… Jesus Christ… the lover of their soul.  May they run as to win.  May they run in order that they might arrive.

Photo credit: Flying Pig Half Marathon, 2013. M. Mears photo.

Joshua Danis

Joshua Danis is the Northern Coordinator for the Family and Respect Life Office. He and his wife also are working together to build their lives as a domestic church.