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Say Something… please!

January 15th, 2014by Sue Sack

Apparently the first Monday following New Year’s Day is “Blue Monday,” the most depressing day of the year. Hmm… I wouldn’t necessarily disagree, particularly as at the moment it was -10 degrees outside at noon, and I was rather exhausted from dealing with the aftermath of snow and ice and biting winds and frozen pipes and layering up to go anywhere… you know it all already! I also suspect that many of us (especially young parents) are probably suffering from cabin fever brought on by WAY too many days stuck indoors with each other.

As a result, Facebook traffic is high as people desperately seek someone else with whom to make a connection…a connection… isn’t that what most of us want?  A worthwhile, meaningful connection with others on Blue Monday and always!

And this thought leads me to reflect upon the recent hit song “Say Something,” by A Great Big World. It’s a simple lament about being overlooked, about a lack of response to love offered.  As I considered the message however, it became something much more…it became a plea for connection with another …or a community…who could give life direction.

Could that be the Church?  Shouldn’t that be the Church?   If so (and I would think so!) how do we, as Church, do now in responding to those who reach out to us… who are looking for love, understanding, compassion, direction…?

Yep, Pope Francis comes into my mind, too. He is a great example of what we hope God is like, what the Church should be like, of a responsive person who certainly seems to know how to give and return love.

But it isn’t meant to stop with Pope Francis – or even with the ordained and religious – is it?  Each of us is called to “say something.”  This is what the “New Evangelization” is about – saying something via word and action.

“Saying something” isn’t just about trying to convince someone to attend Mass, but concerns how you respond to others, positively or negatively.  As Saint Francis is attributed for saying, “Preach often, sometimes use words!” What does your reaction to others say about how your faith (or lack of it) operates in your life?  Do you have a word of compassion when someone is hurting?  Do you ever mention what God or faith means to you?

The song lyrics continue with the lament “I’m giving up on you.”  How many of us know former Catholics or Christians who have indeed given up, sometimes as a direct result of how they were treated by fellow Church members?  Indeed, this sometimes happens exactly because those people didn’t “say something.”

Many of the people I know who have ‘given up” are actually still searching, still hoping that somehow, someday, someone will reach out and pull them back in – give them a powerful enough example that they in turn will HAVE to respond.

Now is the time for this to happen…..  so I challenge you!  What are YOU saying… if anything…to make it so? After all,  we have a new year, new opportunities…

So, spread the Word.  Say Something…

Sue Sack

Sue Sack is Director of Adult Faith Formation for Precious Blood, St. Rita and St. Paul, Englewood