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Running from the Cold

February 6th, 2014by Joshua Danis


For all us athletic enthusiasts out there, winter can be an especially trying time.  Running outside in comfortable spring weather is a challenge that many of us may take up until we learn to love it; until we even learn to long for it.  When the weather turns and the flowers bloom, we cannot drive past a scenic nature trail without having to fight the urge to pop on our shoes and race away.  When it gets like this, we have to make tough choices.  Do we brave snowy wind in our face and sub-zero temperature or do we submit to that torturous device of boredom, the treadmill!?

But there is something amazing about choosing to run right now.  Anyone who has really pushed themselves through the winter months can tell you that it’s like double-training.  If you lungs can develop under the conditions of harsh winds and freezing cold temperatures, you will find them all of the sudden super-charged when sixty-five and sunny comes around.

And I think this is a lot like the Christian’s task to love.  God tests us in fire by allowing us to go through difficult circumstances.  If we can practice loving when we are broke, sick, and facing a mid-life crisis, how much easier does it become to love abundantly when we again become at peace with the world?  This is just one more way that the spirituality of running makes a great correlation to our Christian walk.  Learn more and join up with other runners across the diocese by visiting  Also learn more about the prizes and benefits of joining us for the 6-Week Winter Warmup, from Groundhogs Day through the Ides of March!

                Run For the Call is an organization of men and women who offer up the experience of running as a prayer that all people might discover the vocation that God has in mind for their lives.  They also raise awareness about vocations.  “We all have a vocation, and I am chasing after mine!” 

Photo by BillDamon (Flickr)

Joshua Danis

Joshua Danis is the Northern Coordinator for the Family and Respect Life Office. He and his wife also are working together to build their lives as a domestic church.