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Keep Calm and Tear Down the Walls

April 1st, 2014by Tajci Cameron

Allowing another person a glimpse into your soul is actively participating in creating those moments in which the change within may happen.

It’s one of those cool instances when the giver becomes the one receiving, and the one receiving becomes the giver.

Each of us is beautifully unique and we all have so much to offer to each other – even when we think we don’t.

We are all drawn to those around us who seem to be unafraid of letting their light shine and their soul show (like Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr, the saints, or people like the kids on The Voice or X Factor, or the athletes we watched this winter at the Olympics).

 We watch them from sidelines.

Actually, mostly from a couch where the only way we engage is by clicking the remote control as we surf through the stories: neatly organized, scripted, well-lit, captured perfectly with HD cameras, edited and produced.

Almost always, I get emotionally stirred by those beautifully produced and powerfully scored montages of people doing great things… And I love how video and film can make us feel uplifted, moved and inspired to maybe consider that old dream of ours that we so badly wanted to come true, but never really committed to working on it.

And that’s just it.

If we forever just watch from sidelines as other people love without fear, live with passion and purpose and achieve their life-time goals and dreams, what happens to us?

We become insecure, we begin to believe we have nothing as grand to offer, and we feel less and less adequate to open up our soul to someone and be the gift to them.

Our souls, our lives, our stories don’t seem so ‘beautifully crafted’ as we push through the day jobs, finances, as we change diapers, chase toddlers or reason with our teenage sons and daughters, as we navigate through the craziness of GMO and hormone infused food in an effort to simply feed our bodies.

 If we always just watch, learn passively and don’t practice this “opening of our soul”

and “letting our light shine”, we are bound to become less and less comfortable or willing to try… we close up, become afraid to love and trust, and out of that insecurity and fear we start putting up walls around our heart.

God constantly sends us people and events to give us a chance to engage, to practice, to gain confidence… He gives us grace to help us with fears, insecurities and past hurts… He crosses our paths with those whose soul shows through as a chance to awaken.

And when we do awaken, we feel like the person in the montage – even the sound-track shows up!

(My 13-year old son Dante often points this out as every time we have a deep conversation, a song would play on the radio that perfectly fits into what we are talking about.)

So, what do you say?

Let’s get off the couch, off the sidelines and let’s tear some walls down!

I’ll go first.

Recently I released a beautiful song and music video “Keep Your Head Up”. It’s well produced and professionally edited and yes, my make up and hair is perfect (thanks to my amazing team. When we were shooting it, I was completely connected with the emotion and message of the song, I opened my heart wide and let my soul shine… (and that’s why the twirling showed up).

BUT here is the ‘Behind the Scenes’ video and story:

I hired the crew, bought my plane ticket and was on my way to produce this video with a partner/ sponsor in Croatia. It was going to be an expensive and logistically challenging project, since we were shooting at the absolute peak of the peak season, but I felt really good about my partnership with the sponsor who was going to take care of all finances, locations, lodging, travel and food.

About four days before I got on the plane, I received a call that the partner/ sponsor fell ill and was unable to honor the agreement.

I decided to go ahead anyway and find a way to work things out, knowing that I still had a great crew (already booked) and a coordinator with whom I was working on a different event. Everyone on the team agreed to take a chance.

I had to cancel the musicians because of the lack of accommodations (and yes, the lack of budget). All of our locations fell through.

The moment I landed in Croatia I hit the ground running: calling around and looking for solutions, which was incredibly challenging, since it was the middle of summer, a time when Croatians (rightfully and leisurely) slow down, migrate to the coast and leave their phones at home.

My coordinator, Kreso Koletic, (president of Zagorje In My Heart Association) was my first God-sent… He spent enormous amount of time calling his connections in the hospitality business until he finally found a few rooms and possible locations.

It was a crazy, stressful and at one point, completely hopeless situation, in which I finally gave up. I had been pushing, and I was done. “God you better take over from here” I said out loud laying in my mother’s apartment only a few hours before the whole crew was leaving for the coast to shoot. Remember, “Keep Your Head Up” was the song we were shooting…

Well, we got the video done, and it looks AMAZING!!!

If you are curious what happened, once I surrendered, watch the video: Keep Your Head Up – Behind the Scenes Story.

Now, it’s your turn!

Tajci Cameron

Tajci (TY-chi) Cameron is a singer/ songwriter and inspirational performing artist with a pop-star background. She currently lives in Cincinnati, OH with her husband Matthew and their three sons Dante, Evan and Blais. More about Tajci\\\'s work at