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April 18th, 2014by Tajci Cameron

To say goodbye is the hardest thing… but in order to heal, we have to let go of grief and move on. We have to come out of the shadows and embrace the Light.


When my father passed photo (5).JPGaway in 2006, I got stuck at the foot of the Cross – crushed by the pain of losing my Dad, strangely finding comfort in Christ’s sacrifice.

I had been performing “I Thirst” concerts – a powerful musical portrayal of the Crucifixion story – and with each note, each line, I’d get deeper and deeper into the pain and suffering. But instead of healing, I was falling deeper and deeper into my own dark places of depression, unworthiness and even fears.

At least, I allowed myself to cry.

I cried buckets and buckets of tears: alone, on friends’ shoulders, before strangers and in front of entire audiences.

But I couldn’t pull myself away.


When the pain was unbearable, I went to talk to Fr. Tom – a Franciscan monk whose wisdom, acceptance and smile had brought me comfort and a sense of peace many times before.

85462_2339.jpg“Where is your Dad now?” he asked, when I said I couldn’t get rid of the sadness.

“In heaven, I believe.”  I replied.

“Where is heaven?” he asked.

“With God.”  I felt like a six-year-old, who hadn’t yet learned the answers, but was looking for them in her heart.

“And where is God?” the priest smiled and asked gently.

“Right here with us, all around us and within us” I said through tears, again feeling unsure with my answer.

I looked at the old man’s face and saw his approving smile as he asked: “Then where is your Dad?”

There was only silence after his last question, for my heart was immediately filled with comfort, peace, warmth, and love – and not just from the memory of my Dad, but from an awareness of the presence of Life, Love and Light around and within me.


Since then, I’ve renewed my focus on the physical (and living) evidence of God’s presence in my life: the gift of my children’s lives, my husband’s love, the flowers that are sprouting from the earth and the buds that appear on the trees.

I am done dwelling in sadness and suffering. Instead, as I mediate this Holy Week on the sacrifice of Christ, I allow myself to feel His love dwelling in my heart and His Light filling my soul.

Nothing heals the wounds of the heart like time and gentle encounters with God’s presence like the one I had with Fr. Tom.

LET GO OF GRIEFci_llo.png

Give yourself some time to heal – whether it’s from saying goodbye to someone you loved

and lost, or if it’s allowing yourself to let go of past hurts and pain.

Allow yourself to cry.

Stand in silence before the man who allowed Himself to be crucified out of love for us, showing us the way to ultimate Life and Light.

Pray, meditate and reflect.

But then leave.

Step away from the grief, embrace the joy and believe that Love Lives On.


Hear “Love Lives On” here:

“I Thirst” playlist:

Tajci Cameron

Tajci (TY-chi) Cameron is a singer/ songwriter and inspirational performing artist with a pop-star background. She currently lives in Cincinnati, OH with her husband Matthew and their three sons Dante, Evan and Blais. More about Tajci\\\'s work at