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Stop. Breath. Pray.

April 29th, 2014by Tajci Cameron

We live in a fast-paced world.

Everything changes so quickly. Just when you think all your computer software is updated, you get that nasty pop-up message telling you that you can’t watch a movie or view a page because your plug-in or application is outdated.

Stores change their merchandise around so fast – good luck finding gloves in the middle of January or a swim suit in the middle of July!  (Yes, you can order them online, but hey! the one thing you WANT fast, will take forever – unless you are willing to pay extra.)

We try our best to keep up with all the changes.

But we need to do more than just keep up. We need to do our part to bring a POSITIVE change into our world. (If we don’t, our future is pretty bleak.)

We spend so much energy just keeping our heads above water: overburdened by our jobs, every-day chores, bombarded by advertising messages, the loudness of pop culture, stress from our overflowing email inboxes and piles of notices about kids’ homework, tests, and activities.

How are we supposed to hear the whisper deep within our soul, follow our path, fulfill our purpose, be who God meant us to be when we are dealing with so much noise?

Well, here is what I do:


1. Say “enough.” (AWAKEN)

2. Stop.

3. Take a breath. (PRAY/ REFLECT/ MEDITATE)

4. Make the change within.

5. Repeat often and regularly.


Recently, I did a food cleanse (coached by Linda Baier of “Isaiah’s Way Nutrition” which helped me identify foods that were aggravating some persistent and painful inflammations in my body – and that were preventing my body from healing itself.

As I chopped some beautiful fresh vegetables and admired just how much red pigment there is in a beet, I felt exhilarated by the fact that I actually had some control over pain.  I didn’t have to listen to my doctor’s advice and take valium to ease the hurt. I could make a difference simply by eating such amazing, healing food!  (And YES, it tasted WAY better than you can imagine.)

I’ve already been cooking from scratch, but I got ‘stuck’ in a routine of my usual list of recipes, and I had allowed the business of my life to take over.

I thought: “Why don’t I do this more often?”

Life IS fast and when we get caught up in its speed we make the quickest and most convenient choices. We end up driving through a fast food chain, or we buy our groceries at large chain stores, rather than picking up locally grown food and cooking from scratch. We end up consuming instead of living conscientiously, hurting both ourselves and the world we live in.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


The years I lived in NYC were some of the richest and most connected years of my life. I was so focused on the big shift that was happening within my soul that the fact I lived in one of the busiest cities in the world didn’t bother me at all.

I was single then.

These days, I have a MUCH harder time finding opportunities which would allow me to slow down and go deep into my soul.

I travel a lot with my job, so removing myself from my family to go spend an hour somewhere by myself is not really appealing to me.

So instead, I go ‘minimalistic’: I focus on my breath…

It’s amazing how much the world slows down when I do just that.

I believe breathing is proof of God’s presence in our lives. It’s the very life God created that flows through my body as I breathe in and out. I become aware of how miraculously and perfectly the human body is made, and I appreciate being alive.

When I focus on my breath, nothing else really matters. It’s just me and my God. Breathing and being, letting my soul rest for a little while.

When I focus on my breathing, all the noises of the outside world seem to go away. And in the calm, I can listen for the whisper with which God speaks to my soul.

There I can answer the call, I can awaken and make the shift needed to change my reality – whether it’s slowing down; making a choice between eating one chocolate truffle or a whole box; between spending my money on a processed hamburger and a bun filled with chemicals, or on locally grown, organic produce with which I can make a delicious green salad.  Believing the advertisers that I absolutely NEED the ‘latest and coolest’ non-spilling tumbler instead of taking a walk and marveling the shapes and colors of early spring buds.


When we do this, we acknowledge that although we aren’t in control of all in life that HAPPENS, we DO have control over what we eat, what we do, what we think, how we live, how we take care of those around us and how we best serve our world.

In this, we have an amazing amount of power.  We can make some serious ripples of change – even if it’s nice and slow, they can grow to be ever more positive.

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Tajci Cameron

Tajci (TY-chi) Cameron is a singer/ songwriter and inspirational performing artist with a pop-star background. She currently lives in Cincinnati, OH with her husband Matthew and their three sons Dante, Evan and Blais. More about Tajci\\\'s work at