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Example of Holiness

June 23rd, 2015posted by officeofreligious


Sr. Agathe du St. Rosaire, lsp (Little Sister of the Poor) just celebrated her 60th jubilee.  She was assigned to the St. Paul’s Archbishop Leibold home in Clifton, OH in 2010.  When meeting Sr. Agathe, the first thing one notices is her Irish brogue.  However, it only takes a few minutes of conversation to recognize her deep and sincere love of Jesus.  Her spirituality, dedication to, and love for Jesus radiates from her, often closing her eyes when speaking about Him.  One then gets the feeling it is the Holy Spirit speaking through her.

She is a living example of the holiness to which we are all called.  She inspires me to strive to be closer to Jesus as well as to practice a deep and abiding faith.

I recognize my inadequacies and pray that I too may know the same level of faith and closeness to Jesus and become a role model for others as Sister has been for me.

Cynthia Lyon