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Nationally known presenter Mary Birmingham, Director of music, liturgy and Christian Initiation will be speaking November 14 and 15 (Cincinnati and Dayton) to catechesis in the RCIA.

from The Catholic Telegraph

Archbishop on Ebola: ‘Time for prudence, not panic’

Staff Report Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr addressed a letter via email to the pastors of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati concerning the recent Ebola outbreak and subsequent media coverage writing, ̶...

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Throwback Thursday: Halloween a mixture different traditions

Staff Report Though the origins of Halloween are tied up with the Christian feast of All Saints on Nov. 1 (hence All Hallows Eve, Oct. 31), the present celebration of the holiday is often more focused...

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Cardinal announces school closures, mergers in Chicago Archdiocese

By Catholic News Service CHICAGO — In a major restructuring, the Archdiocese of Chicago announced Oct. 29 that 14 elementary schools would be closed or merged at the end of the 2014-2015 academic ye...

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Halloween costumes that mock religious figures called disrespectful

By Rose Ybarra Catholic News Service  BROWNSVILLE, Texas — Every October, many look forward to Halloween — the trick-or-treating, the parties and especially the costumes. Every Halloween, how...

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Bright lights, cool air protect Sistine Chapel from visiting hordes

By Cindy Wooden Catholic News Service  VATICAN CITY — The Vatican is not promising visitors to the Sistine Chapel more elbow room, but it is guaranteeing a cooler experience. Marking the year of th...

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CRS manages ‘safe and dignified’ burials of Sierra Leone Ebola victims

By Bronwen Dachs Catholic News Service  CAPE TOWN, South Africa — Burials that are dignified and safe are urgently needed for Ebola victims in West Africa, where corpses are frequently left unatten...

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