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A.C.E. Project

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Introduction to the A.C.E. Project from Archbishop Schnurr

Archbishop Schnurr invites all parishes to take part in this exciting New Evangelization Project for the Year of Faith. Watch the video here

Matthew Kelly on the A.C.E. Project

Matthew Kelly encourages parishes to take advantage of the A.C.E. Project during this Year of Faith – to help make it a game-changer for our parishes, our neighborhoods, and the entire Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Watch the video here.


A.C.E. Workshop Videos

Workshop Video Part 1: Catholics Come Home with Ryan Hanning

Workshop Video Part 2 : Parish Book Program with Matthew Kelly, Special Collection and Parish Training Kit Orientation

Resources for the Catholics Come Home Collection

Renewing the Faith of All Catholics

Rediscover Catholicism Materials

Reaching out to Inactive Catholics

Catholics Come Home Materials

Videos and Training Resources for your Parish

Parish Training Kit Materials

The Best Evangelization and Hospitality Resources

Extra Resources