All About Connections

April 15th, 2015posted by officeofreligious

  Every day when I report for work at the Province Offices of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, Sister Mary Milano welcomes me with outstretched arms and a hearty smile, just like my Italian Nana when we came to her home for Sunday dinner.  Sister Mary and I share a Chicago Italian upbringing and a belief in the healing powers of good food, boisterous conversation and a warm embrace. Sister Mary’s warm embrace extends far beyond Mt .Notre Dame Convent.  For over eleven years now, Sister Mary has been knitting prayer shawls for …

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Lives are Better

April 9th, 2015posted by officeofreligious

Sr. Jackie Leech works at The Gardens at St. Elizabeth Senior Living Community in Denver, Colorado. This is where I first met her. I remember some very profound words she spoke during the new employee orientation I attended that has stuck with me for the more than five-and-a-half years since I started working at The Gardens. She said, “If you are here to make lots of money, you are in the wrong place. Your mission is to care for our residents here as if you are caring for Jesus himself. If you are not willing …

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Always in our Hearts

April 8th, 2015posted by officeofreligious

  Sister Patty Campbell was our Parish Life Coordinator at St. Mary’s of the Rock parish for eight years up until her retirement. Her wisdom, love, and commitment to God, and her sense of humor, captured the hearts of the young and old in our parish. While she was at our parish, Sister Patty was an active member of the Batesville Ministerial Association The ministers and church members also saw her wisdom and charm, and found out that Catholics aren’t as bad as people say; they are truly warm and loving people. She brings out the …

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That’s Why We Loved Him

March 25th, 2015posted by officeofreligious

  Most high school drama directors are gentle, creative people who encourage their actors with calming guidance. That was never Marianist Brother Jim Abel’s style. Abes ran our Queen’s Men drama program at Purcell/Purcell Marian High School like a football coach. Abes yelled, threw things and slammed doors. A former track coach, Abes was big on calisthenics. He stood over us as we lay in the drama center holding our feet six inches off the floor until our diaphragms hurt so badly we thought they had torn. Three minutes. Five.Ten Stop already! During rehearsals, he …

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Wellspring of Joy

March 5th, 2015posted by officeofreligious

Sister Ann Vonder Meulen, OSF has had the tremendous opportunity during her almost 50 years of religious life as an Oldenburg Franciscan to minister to many different groups of people from various parts of the globe.  I have been privileged to witness some of the joy and excitement she brings to others as she ministers to her school students as well as to people with disabilities and the men and women of various cultures who participate in her sewing classes so they might earn a living to support themselves and their families.  She believes that those …

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Wisdom and Grace

February 24th, 2015posted by officeofreligious

As an associate of the Sisters of St. Francis, I have a close relationship with Sister Ruth Marie Kluemper. She is my Spiritual Companion and is overflowing with wisdom and grace. Sister Ruth always knows exactly the right thing to say which opens my heart to the truth of the situation. She has been an inspiration to me as she faithfully and willingly serves others in the community in the spirit of St. Francis. I am so blessed to have Sister Ruth walk with me on my Franciscan journey and to help me continue to …

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Still Going Strong

February 19th, 2015posted by officeofreligious

  I first met Sr. Joan Krimm at Mother of Christ Parish in the late 70s.  As pastoral minister, Sr. Joan became a stabilizing influence and an anchor for many in the community.  She was present and available when people needed to talk in the middle of a crisis.  She provided food and clothing through her outreach efforts.  Sr. Joan confronted injustice.  She encouraged and fostered parishioners to take control and responsibility of their Church.She is a person who not only talks the talk but walks the walk.  Her life and ministry has been dedicated to …

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Woman of Influence

February 17th, 2015posted by officeofreligious

Sr. Helen Eckstein, OSF has influenced the lives of her students and co-workers since her teaching career began in 1960 – and her influence continued as she returned to community service at the Sisters of St. Francis’ Motherhouse in Oldenburg, IN in 2005.  I joined the Sisters as their Development Director in 2007, and Sr. Helen was one of the first to greet me.  Her attention to detail and understanding of our various donor relationships was obvious … as was her deep religious devotion. As our friendship grew, I discovered some of the hardship Sr. Helen endured …

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Gratefully Remembered

February 11th, 2015posted by officeofreligious

  Sister Agnes Marie Beck, SNDdeN, known to me as Sister Mary Veronica, was my Second Grade Teacher.  She prepared me for my First Communion.  I do not remember any specific thing she said about this sacrament and I know she helped me to have a great love for the Eucharist.  When I entered the community, she supported me in my call.  She never failed to tell people about me as a Second Grader!  I am grateful for her presence in my life.   You are invited to comment below.  And you are invited to share stories …

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A Mentor Indeed

December 15th, 2014posted by admin

When I became a pastor at Holy Angels in Sidney, OH in 2008, I was very nervous.  Sr. Rita Maureen Schmidt, SC helped me so much in growing in my identity as a priest, pastor, and spiritual father for the parish. She shared her wealth of experience in ministry, encouraged me to take chances, forced me to take time off, and helped me learn when to say yes and when to say no.  She is a huge reason, we, as a parish, were able to do so many things.  Thanks Sr. Rita, Father Dan Schmitmeyer.   …

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