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Archdiocesan Youth Athletics Initiative: Coaches

Coach Training

Coaches are the backbone of making our youth athletics programs examples of living out the mission, goals and guiding principles for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s Charter on Catholic Youth Athletics.  For this reason, we want to be as helpful as possible in giving athletics organizations the tools to help them succeed.

Among the minimum requirements for coach preparation set forth in the Charter, athletic organizations are “expected to have at least one meeting per year for all coaches in which they receive a presentation on the mission, principles and goals of Catholic Youth Athletics ministry” (see Section 6.2.11).

Below is a powerpoint presentation and accompanying notes, for athletics organizations to use to provide the above training to their coaches. This can be organized as either a 60 minute or 90 minute session, with some optional video clips to enhance the session.

Coach Orientation Powerpoint Session

Facilitators Guide to Coach Orientation Session
 Lesson Plan for Coach Orientation 90 minutes
Lesson Plan for Coach Orientation_60 minutes