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Archdiocesan Youth Athletics Initiative: Commission

The Catholic Youth Athletics Commission

female_basketball_coachThe Archdiocese of Cincinnati Charter on Catholic Youth Athletics calls for the creation of  Catholic Youth Athletics Commission, appointed under the authority of the Archbishop, to administer it.  The Commission has members from all regions of the Archdiocese, and is composed of various constituencies (i.e., parents, league leaders, athletic directors, deacons, etc.)  In short, the Commission is made up of people who care deeply about kids, sports and faith, and know a ton about all three. The work of the Commission is to provide:

There is an executive committee and two regional committees (one for Cincinnati and another for Dayton/North).  Each regional committee may also establish and convene subcommittees, including but not limited to the following:

For the full commission membership document, click here.

Here are the 2014-2015 Commission Members:


Name Role
Sean Reynolds Executive Committee Leader
Greg Tankersly Athletics Representative
Deacon Dave Profitt Chaplain
Don Back Chair, League Leaders
Bill Montour Chair, Grievances and Appeals
Greg Smorey Chair, Faith and Spirit
Gina Kelly Chair, Athletics Organizations



Name Role
Tim Colbert Regional Committee Leader
Chuck Kohnen Athletics Representative
Chris Emmerich Chair, League Leaders
Charlie Salway Chair, Grievances and Appeals
Tim Colbert Chair, Faith and Spirit
Ray Van Voorhes Chair, Athletics Organizations