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Archdiocesan Youth Athletics Initiative: Spiritual Liaisons

Spiritual Liaisons

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s Charter on Catholic Youth Athletics calls for all athletics organizations (including those affiliated with a parish or elementary school) to designate a Spiritual Liaison, whose duties primarily include communicating and promoting the “spirit, mission, goals and principles of this Charter to all in the athletics organization” (see Section 6.2.14).

If you have been appointed as the Spiritual Liaison for your athletics organization, or are looking to appoint someone, you may find the below links helpful.  Please keep in mind that, while there needs to be a primary person designated as the spiritual liaison, most organizations may find it helpful and necessary to appoint a team of people to serve in the role.

Information Memo Concerning Spiritual Liaisons

The Role of the Spiritual Liaison (6-2015)