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Civilize It '16 Campaign Game Plan


Welcome Civilize It 16 Campaign Promoter!

Join the Movement to keep a respectful dialogue this election season. Civilize It 16 is an initiative of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati encouraging civil dialogue this election season by making a pledge to civility, clarity, and compassion.

This initiative is open to all and we encourage parishes, diocese, organizations, groups, and individuals to use the content on this page. This Civilize It 16  Campaign Game Plan page will give campaign workers a Game Plan Outline and a Tool Kit to launch a successful campaign anywhere in the country.

Please visit our main page for more information about the Civilize It 16 Pledge and to find practical resources on civility, clarity, and compassion. Find us at:

The Game Plan

Thank for joining the movement! Be a campaign promoter and bring Civilize it to your diocese, parish, organization, or group.

  1. Take the Pledge!

    Commit personally to Civility, Clarity, and Compassion and spread the word on social media and using our other tools

    Be Counted! Online pledge or Hard Copy Pledge

  2. Be a positive presence on Social Media

    Use #CivilizeIt16. Promote the campaign with on-line Memes and Images. Share how to engage in civil dialogue with our adaptable Meme.

    Profile Picture

    Banner Image

    Adaptable Meme

    “I’m Pledging” Meme

    “I took the Pledge” Meme

    Red, White, and Blue Meme

  3. Take Civilize it to the Streets

    Attend public events and hand out our flyers, car magnets, buttons


    Full Page (front and back)

    1/4 page (front and back)

  4. Hold an Anti Rally Rally

    Have a presence at  political debates or events happening in your area.

  5. Order Civilize it Swag

    Car magnets, campaign buttons, t-shirts, non partisan yard signs.civilizeit collage

    Parishes, groups, organizations and members of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati contact Sean Ater for free car magnets and yard sign (while supplies last) | 513-421-3131 x2733 |

    Car Magnet order Form

    Yard Sign Order Form

    T-shirt order form

  6. Activate your Parish

    Engage your parish with a Letter writing campaign, presentations on civil dialogue, and a voters guide to civility.


    Presentation on Civil Dialogue (coming soon!)

    Voter’s Guide to Civility (coming soon!)

  7. LogosUse the Civilize It Logo on all your campaign materials.Full Color

    Black on White

    White on Black


Press Inquires:

Contact Dan Andriacco | 513-421-3131 x6618 |