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Background of the Vision

DSC02734Our Vision represents two years of work and consultation with thousands of stakeholders. To see the results of our hard work, read about Our Vision.


Unified Vision Sought for Catholic Schools Press Release March 9, 2011

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Vision Updates

Updates were released after the first six and
eighteen months of implementation of the Vision.

Read the updates at the links below:

6 Month Update

18 Month Update



The Initial Assessment Report  for Catholic Schools and video

The Initial Assessment Report and Dr. Rigg’s video presentation on the report were released on October 7, 2011. Read report and view video here.


 The Supplemental Financial Report for the Vision for Schools.

The Supplemental Financial Report for the Vision for Schools has been released. To view this report, along with its letter of introduction, please click here


 Dr. Rigg’s presentation on the Vision on August 15, 2012