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Justice and Mercy Meet in Tribunal Ministry

February 22nd, 2016posted by Sean

I am a Sister of Mercy whose primary ministry is working to do Justice for those who come to the Tribunal seeking decisions about their marriage situations. Sometimes friends ask me if that feels like a contradiction. For me it is not. Twenty years ago Bishop Moeddel and I offered evenings with the Bishop for those separated from the Church over marriage issues. One man told me about his situation which turned out to be a simple case (Catholic married without required canonical form) handled in a few weeks. That man later called sounding very …

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You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have

February 18th, 2016posted by Sean

                  “Day after day, touched by his compassion, we also can become compassionate to others.” – Pope Francis As a father of three young children, I feel like I spend an inordinate amount of time disciplining. I always try to be just when dealing out appropriate punishments for misbehavior. At the same time I always try to over emphasize my love and forgiveness for my children despite their shortcomings. I learned this practice from my own parents who always made sure to tell me how much they …

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Pilgrimage in the Year of Mercy

January 6th, 2016posted by farloffice

A pilgrimage is both a journey with a set goal and a mystery of openness to the Spirit. Whether pilgrims have a set route or not, embarking on the journey is exploring the mystery of God in places, historical events, and the presence of God within one’s own being. In this wonderful Jubilee Year, the journey is one seeking mercy and of being open to accepting and then giving mercy. It is therefore significant that throughout the Year of Mercy, designated pilgrimage sites are ready to open their Holy Doors of Mercy for all pilgrims. …

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The Power of Mercy

January 6th, 2016posted by Archdiocese of Cincinnati

        Amidst the waves of unaccompanied migrant children desperately lunging towards our borders last year were the three Escalante children and their cousin.  They were making an unfathomable 2,500 mile journey between their Guatemalan town and Greater Cincinnati to be reunited with family members already here. Only fear for their lives would push this small group to make such a trek.  They had received no mercy from the violence overrunning their home; no mercy from our broken immigration system that provides no legal path to come here; and no mercy from the …

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