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Tony Stieritz – Director
Tammie Mers – Administrative Assistant
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Dayton Office
Pam Long – Regional Director

Catholic Social Action
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Fax: (937) 341-5036

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Cincinnati Advocates for Justice

Parishioners from 25 parishes and religious congregations participated in the 2013 Advocates for Justice Collaborative Congress on March 5 at St. Joseph Church!  Fr. Jim Schutte and members of St. Leo the Great Church’s Guatemalan choir opened our event with energizing prayer and music.  We heard reports on past/ongoing issues of Parishes for Life, foreclosures/predatory lending, Sudan, and abolition of the death penalty.  To then determine our priority issues for the upcoming year, teams of parishioners submitted for consideration to the Collaborative immigration reform, Habitat for Humanity, a vision for a compassionate economy, criminal justice and jobs, and climate change.

In summary, the 2 issues that the Congress voted to make “priority issues” for 2013 are:

  1. Immigration
  2. Criminal Justice and Jobs for Returning Citizens

Issue task forces for these two issues will meet regularly in order to help parishes engage more effectively in their promotion. Updates on the Advocates for Justice Collaborative’s work will be included on our “Social Justice Priority Issues” page as they develop.  You can learn more by clicking on the specific issue above.

Victories of Advocates for Justice!

Winning clemency for a death row inmate, securing asylum status for immigrants, collecting thousands of postcards and letters for immigration reform, meeting with Congressional and local officials, hosting 13 “foreclosure forums” in Catholic parishes, and distributing over 60,000 brochures for pregnancy help centers!  These are some of the exciting accomplishments that Advocates for Justice and the office won in recent years.

Find out all the good news, by accessing our past reports: