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Catholic Social Action Contact:

Andrew Musgrave – Director
Tammie Mers – Administrative Assistant

Catholic Social Action
100 East 8th Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513) 263-6691 – Andrew
Phone:  (513) 263-6690 – Tammie
Fax: (513) 421-1582

Dayton Office
Sara Seligmann – Regional Director

Catholic Social Action
1520 South Main Street
Dayton, OH  45409
Phone: (937) 281-4124

Becky Kunkler – Northern Area Coordinator

Catholic Social Action
119 E. Water Street
Sidney, OH  45365
Phone: 937-538-4406



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Social Justice Priority Issues

The following social justice issues are active issues in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, which means there is a task force, planning team, or current initiative for you to join.

Immigration Reform

According to Church teaching, while sovereign nations have the right to protect their borders, all people and families also have a right to migrate if that is the only means by which they can secure their own lives and human dignity.  Today, the U.S. Church, through its pastoral work with migrants throughout the country and legal expertise of the immigration system, believes that we need a comprehensive reform of our immigration laws.  As Archbishop Dennis Schnurr states, “It seems that only comprehensive immigration reform can simultaneously restore both order and human dignity.”  To respond to this issue, the Advocates for Justice Greater Cincinnati Parish Collaborative has established an Immigration Task Force to work with the office on promoting comprehensive immigration reform.  To read the Archbishop’s statement learn more about the Church’s response to this issue, click here.

Criminal Justice (Voting, Jobs, Death Penalty and Reconciliation)

In the 2000 criminal justice statement, Responsibility, Rehabilitation, and Restoration: A Catholic Perspective on Crime and Criminal Justice, the bishops called for the redirection of public resources towards more effective programs designed to rehabilitate and reintegrate ex-offenders back into society.  The Advocates for Justice Greater Cincinnati Parish Collaborative Criminal Justice Task Force has developed a guided-dialogue process for parishes for learn more about how we can restore our communities and increase safety.  In Dayton, the Weavers of  Justice Collaborative has focused on promoting “restorative justice” in our communities to find more productive ways for victims and offenders to move beyond the harm. Learn more…


Care for Creation

The leadership of the Catholic Church, from Pope Benedict XVI to our local bishops, has spoken unequivocally on the issue of climate change.  The virtue of prudence calls us to take seriously the conclusions of the great majority of international scientists who warn us that human activity is indeed having an effect on the earth’s climate and adversely impacting the poor.  The Archdiocese of Cincinnati helped to inaugurate the U.S. bishops’ endorsed Catholic Climate Covenant: The St. Francis Pledge to Care for Creation and the Poor. To live out the elements of this pledge, the Archdiocesan Catholic Social Action Commission now hosts a Climate Change Task Force which is very active supporting parish efforts, promoting recycling, obtaining funding for energy retrofits at churches, and much more!  Find out more…


The Archdiocesan Social Action Commission’s Racism Task Force is working with the Office of African-American Catholic Ministries on promoting greater racial unity in our church and world.  Find out more…


Faithful Citizenship



For a more comprehensive list of social justice issues that are of concern to the Church visit the Justice, Peace and Human Development Department of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops or choose from the following: