Archdiocese signs on to local interfaith housing principles.

Bishops Binzer offers remarks with other religious leaders.

The lack of affordable housing has been a persistent concern for the Greater Cincinnati area for a number of years.  In October 2013 at the Cathedral of St. Peter in Chains, the Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati, of which the Archdiocese is a member, released a list of housing principles.  Together, we call on public, private, and religious interests to advance the following principles:

  • Promote the Fair Housing Act
  • Apply the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Serve Economic Justice
  • Reduce Foreclosures
  • Maintain Affordable Rental Units
  • Set Reasonable Rental Subsidies to Attract Responsible Investors
  • Acknowledge the Real Unemployment Rate
  • Support Housing for Young Adults
  • Advocate for Restorative Justice

Read the full statement of MARCC’s Housing Principles here.

Remarks by Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Binzer  in support of MARCC’s housing principles.

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In 2009, there were 130,879 filings for foreclosure in the State of Ohio (Ohio Supreme Court, “Ohio Courts Statistical Report”).  Hamilton County experienced 6,714 of those filings, and, according to Working in Neighborhoods (WIN), 2,640 of those homes were lost at Sheriff Sale.  You can find out the details by downloading the report by Working in Neighborhoods (WIN), “The Failing Economy:  The Continuing Crisis Next Door”.

Responding to the Crisis

Fr. Tom Denneman leads a crowd in the Pilgrimage of Hope at St. Ann Church.


In 2010, the office, Advocates for Justice Foreclosure Task Force and Working In Neighborhoods together presented “Foreclosure Forums” in 13 Catholic parishes in Greater Cincinnati (St. Mary, Hyde Park; Immaculate Heart of Mary; St. Agnes, Bond Hill/nka Church of the Resurrection; St. Clare, College Hill; St. Ann, Groesbeck; St. Columban, Loveland; St. Dominic, Delhi; St. John, West Chester; Our Lady of Visitation, Mack; Our Lady of Lourdes; St. Martin of Tours, Cheviot; St. Peter, New Richmond).  These forums educated parishioners about some of the causes of the foreclosure crisis and offered financial assistance to those in danger of losing their homes.

In addition, we have organized a “Pilgrimage of Hope,” a prayer service to pray for those impacted by the currect recession.  Two services have taken place, one at St. Ann Church in Groesbeck and one in College Hill.

The task force met with federal and state officials to advocate for stronger policies to help homeowners.  To learn more about the Church’s position on policies related to homeownership and shelter, please visit the Housing issue pages of the Catholic Conference of Ohio and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Resource for Parishes

Download and distribute our “The Crisis Next Door:  Foreclosure Information Packet