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Cemeteries Contact:

Thomas Jordan
Director of Cemeteries

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati Cemeteries Office
Gate of Heaven Cemetery
11000 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45249


Catholic cemeteries within the Archdiocese of Cincinnati are provided for the benefit of our Catholic population to provide a resting place for the faithful to await the promise os resurrection and eternal life. Our cemeteries may be directly associated with parishes within the Archdiocese, or may be larger diocesan cemeteries serving a greater geographic area and numerous parishes from a central location.

Why a Catholic cemetery? We live our lives following Catholic traditions, conducting our lives as Catholic Christians. We come together weekly as a worship community with our families and friends. We are asked to intern our loved ones within a Catholic cemetery, within the worship community where they have spent their lives. Hence, the Catholic cemetery symbolizes the extended community of believers unbroken by death. The Catholic cemetery serves the faithful and witnesses to the entire world the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Cincinnati Archbishop Daniel E. Pilarczyk writes in his book, Practicing Catholic, that “everyone who has been baptized a Catholic is a full member of the Church even if they never do anything as a result of their membership in the Church. They have the right to access to the sacraments, to Catholic teaching, to ministry from the Church, to Catholic burial.”

Exercise your right to Catholic burial. Please contact the Cemeteries Office, one of the cemeteries listed in our directory or your parish office for additional information.

Considering cremation? Read this important document from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith at the Vatican to learn what the Catholic Church teaches about this increasingly popular choice.