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Infusing Adult Faith Formation

What is it?
Infusion is the conscious placement of faith reflection for adults within existing parish activities and structures.

Why do it?
To make adult faith formation a part of the fabric of parish life.

“Thus, while the parish may have an adult faith formation program, it is no less true that the parish IS an adult faith formation program.”  (Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us, par. 121)

“In fact, every aspect of and event in parish life can be intentionally fashioned as an occasion for adult faith formation.  For example, every parish meeting can begin with a reading of the upcoming Sunday’s Gospel, followed by a time of reflection and sharing.” (Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us, par. 112)

In the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Archbishop Pilarczyk has requested all parishes to do the following:

“Every meeting that takes place under the sponsorship of any entity of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati should begin with a ten or fifteen minute segment of adult faith formation.”
Letter to Pastors – November, 1999