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Suggested Process for Implementing Fusion

  1. The adult faith formation team along with parish staff makes a commitment to the process. Leadership takes a proposal to parish pastoral council for discussion and approval.
  2. Determine the potential for “infusion” in your parish. Start by referring to the parish calendar to make a list of all the commissions, organizations and groups that meet in your parish. Some examples of parish groups that could do infusion are:
              Athletic Boosters & coaches Parish Staff
              Bible Study Group PSR Staff
              Education Commission P.T.O.
              Fathers’ Ministry RCIA Team
              Festival Workers School Faculty
              Finance Commission Scout Leaders
              Liturgical Ministers Senior Groups
              Ministry Teams [Baptism, Marriage] Small Faith Communities
  3. Select Resources and Plan Processes for Use in Parish GroupsSome options for deciding on resources to use:
    • In collaboration with Pastoral Council, the Parish Staff selects a common resource for all groups to use in the upcoming year. The chosen topic or material might reflect a need or concern for the life of the parish as a whole. Some examples of themes:
      • “Liturgical renewal” for a parish preparing for a new worship space
      • “Stewardship” to support a parish goal for increased ministry involvement and fiscal responsibility
      • “Church/community” for parishes dealing with demographic changes or parish clustering/pastor-sharing
      • “Evangelization” for parishes working on outreach or renewal


    • In concert with Parish Staff, the Adult Faith Formation Team works with each parish group to help them identify themes, procure materials and adopt approaches related to the specific skills and goals of the group.
  4. Communicate the concept to all leaders of any groups in the parish.An AFF team member could meet with each parish group and explains the concept, helps them to select materials, learn the skills of participating in the group.

Suggested RESOURCES for Infusion

Suggested FORMATS for Infusion