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The object of catechesis is communion with Jesus Christ. The church transmits the faith which she herself lives: her understanding of the mystery of God and his salvific plan, her vision of man’s highest vocation, the style of evangelic life which communicates the joy of the Kingdom, the hope which pervades her and the love which she has for mankind and all God’s creatures.

General Directory for Catechesis, #78

All human beings, including those among us with disabilities, are entitled to rights in faith communities. A life of dignity and respect includes the right to religious formation, friendship, and spiritual nurturing. The rights of minorities and the disabled are equal to the rights of all others. As a church, we are accountable to God to protect the rights of all people and to provide spiritual and moral leadership in our community to protect these rights. We exercise leadership by our teaching and by our example of inclusive communities of faith that uses the gifts of all members. Persons with disabilities should be provided opportunities to participate in school education programs to the fullest extent appropriate.

We offer faith formation opportunities to children and adults with special needs.
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Office of Evangelization and Discipleship

Whole parish approach to catechesis

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