For  information on Fr. Kenneth Hendricks, a priest of the of the Diocese of Naval in the Philippines, and how you can help   CLICK HERE.

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Archdiocesan Materials

The documents listed below are resources published by the Office for Evangelization & Discipleship. These documents can be downloaded in PDF format free of charge by clicking on the title.  For more information about any of these documents please contact your regional office:

Cincinnati: cincyoec@catholiccincinnti.org, 513-421-3131
Sidney: sidneymediacenter@catholiccincinnati.org, 937-498-1192

These documents cannot be altered or edited in anyway. Many of them are copyrighted and permission is granted to use them in the parishes and schools of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. This permission does not extend to commercial purposes

Catholic Church Materials

Archdiocesan Policy: Guidelines for Youth Activities