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Getting Started

Where do we start?

Evangelization is a call to ongoing growth and conversion; a call to be formed into disciples.  Our efforts at evangelization are both implicit and explicit.

Evangelization permeates all Church ministries and also involves some specific ministries. For those specific ministries to be successful and bear fruit, it is necessary to have a plan in place.

The steps listed are offered as a guide to getting started

  1. Form a committee. (See Thy Kingdom Come, A Manual for Evangelization Staff, USCCB, 1999, pages 9-12 for criteria on how to choose team members)
  2. Involve pastor, parish staff, and representatives from each parish commission.
  3. Together study the U. S. Bishops’ document, Go and Make Disciples.
  4. Assess the parish activities around each of the three goals and strategies. (See Assessment Tool)
  5. Identify 1-3 priorities/objectives.
  6. Identify strategies for each priority named
  7. Seek approval of pastor, staff, and parish commissions
  8. Implement strategies.
  9. Assess efforts.

Please note that the Office of New Evangelization and the Office of Evangelization and Catechesis are willing to help parishes begin a ministry of evangelization or to guide ongoing evangelization efforts.  Please contact:

Sean Ater
Director, Office of New Evangelization
513.421.3131 ext. 2733

Chris Kreger
Regional Director, Office of Evangelization and Catechesis