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Hospitality is the hallmark of Christianity.  It is patterned on the life of Jesus who welcomed the children, the sinner, the healthy and unhealthy, the repentant and unrepentant.  Scripture offers insights into the importance of hospitality beginning with Abraham in the Book of Genesis and running through to the invitation to the messianic banquet in the Book of Revelation.

Hospitality is a way of life that encompasses many elements.  It begins with a welcoming spirit at liturgy and extends from there to include outreach to the broader neighborhood.  “Being hospitable is our opportunity to welcome Jesus and to welcome the One who sent him.”  (Christian Hospitality, Archdiocese of Louisville, p. 1)

Welcoming Ministry Resources

Tips for Becoming a Welcoming parish

All are Welcome Video, Archdiocese of Louisville, Evangelization Ministry

Accessible Construction Video, Archdiocese of Louisville.

A User Friendly Parish:  Becoming a More Welcoming Community. Judith Ann Kollar, Twenty Third Publications, 1998.

Christian Hospitality A Handbook for Parishes, Archdiocese of Louisville, 1999

Ministry of Hospitality, Sylvia Cirone Deck, Sheed and Ward, 1996.

Ministry of Hospitality, James A Comiskey, Liturgical Press, 1989.

This is only a brief listing of what is available from our Archdiocesan libraries.  Please go to catalog and search with the keyword “hospitality” or “welcome” for additional resources or e-mail Denise Warnecke for more suggestions.