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Parish Renewal

Parish renewal programs provide a valuable structure for a community desiring to initiate Go and Make Disciples.

All resources and materials are available in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Media Centers

ALPHA for Catholics – 10 week process

Topics covered:

Information: Christ Life, the North American headquarters for Alpha for Catholic


Christ Renews His Parish

These men’s and women’s retreats are conducted in the parish from Saturday morning until the late afternoon on Sunday.  The retreats are led by a team of parishioners and clergy who would have already participated in a ChiRP retreat.  The format consists of witness talks on various catechetical and kerygma themes.  For information

PO Box 19100, Cleveland, OH 44119


Renew International fosters spiritual renewal, evangelization and the transformation of the world through parish-based small Christian communities

Why Catholic?  Journey through the Catechism – 4 year-48 session process

Why Catholic? team provides the orientation, small community leader formation, retreat experiences, an invitation video, and family-oriented bulletin inserts. Resources to implement the process are available in the Why Catholic? Parish Kit.

RENEW – 21/2 year process of 5 sessions each lasting 6-weeks

RENEW International offers on-location trainings for clusters of parishes for

Information:  Renew International