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Small Christian Community Resources

Since the time of Jesus who gathered a small band of twelve, small communities have been an important dimension of church life.  Just as the early church kept the faith alive we gather to pray, share faith, support one another, continue to learn and reach out to others through small Christian communities.

SCC provides people with a sense of belonging and introduces them to a deeper relationship with Jesus.  SCC is a means of continuing spiritual renewal and evangelization and promotes parish leadership.

Resources for leaders and materials for group participation

list of resources

list of workshops available


The Small Christian Communities Global Collaborative promotes a vision to establish a global networking website for Small Christian Communities (SCCs) worldwide.  The purpose is to share SCC’s contact information, events, materials, and news for each of the six continents.

ChristLife Catholic Ministry of Evangelization
ChristLife is a lay Catholic ministry established in response to the Church’s call to a new evangelization.  Resources are provided to equip Catholics for evangelization so that others may come to know the love of God and become followers and members of the Catholic Church.  Resources are appropriate for small Christian community settings.

North American Forum for Small Christian Communities (NAFSCC)
NAFSCC represent a network of diocesan leaders and organizations actively involved in strategizing and supporting the development of Small Christian Communities.  They support each other in the effort to achieve the vision of SCC as a style of parish life.

NAPRC The National Alliance of Parishes Restructuring into Communities
NAPRC is an alliance of Parishes committed to a new vision of parish based on the purpose of building an atmosphere in which ordinary people help each other regularly connect their faith and life.  This is achieved in two ways:  doing the things we do differently and forming Small Church Communities.  NAPRC provides information for forming and maintaining SCC as well as resources to be used by SCC.

Pastoral Dept. for Small Christian Communities
The Pastoral Department for Small Christian Communities is an agency of the Archdiocese of Hartford [Connecticut]. Its mission is to promote the development of small church communities for the sake of building parishes where people regularly help each other connect life and faith.
The department annually publishes two editions of the lectionary-based resources Quest and Summer Reflections. MusicQuest, a collection of songs and reflective instrumental music to accompany Quest, is available in cassette or CD format.

RENEW International
RENEW is a Roman Catholic organization that promotes renewal, evangelization and the transformation of the world through parish-based small Christian communities. Their parish renewal process and small Christian community materials offer spiritual formation and motivation to help people live out their faith and give witness to Jesus Christ.
Their services include trainings, materials for small groups, and Pastoral Support.

National Pastoral Life Center
The National Pastoral Life Center serves the leadership of the church’s pastoral ministry.  The Center assembles the best of thinking and practice—through its studies, publications, consulting, and conferences—contributing to reflective and effective pastoral ministry
In the area of Small Communities it provides workshops on exploring, organizing, training, and evaluating parish-based small Christian communities.  It also provides publications and training materials for SCC and consultation by request.

This is a brief list of resources for Small Christian Communities.  Please check Archdiocese of Cincinnati Media Centers and Consultants as well as other publishers for additional resources and information.

Catholic Faith Sharing, Liturgical Publications
Work the Word, Mustard Seed Communities
Threshold Bible Study, Stephen J. Binz
Growing Faith Project, Bill Huebsch