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Mentoring for Catechetical Leadership

Walk with the wise and you will become wise (Proverbs 13:20)

The mentoring process invites participants to gain fresh insights into their own self-identity and ministry. Be guided with competent advice, strengthen personal commitment, and be introduced to the professionalism of Catechetical Leaders.

Mentoring is offered to those embarking on a Catechetical Leadership role in hopes that both knowledge and attitude might be well served. The kind of mentoring of which we are speaking has clarity as its goal and collaboration as its approach. In this case, it concerns overall discussion and decisions with respect to work, family, relationships and finding meaning in one’s own values and relationships as these relate to their work. You will be matched with an experienced Catechetical Leader.


The voice of a mentee:

“Having a mentor is a real benefit. It is a real help in my ministry because of my mentor’s knowledge of programs and understanding of procedures. This has become a real friendship which is what I needed the most with all the responsibilities, joys, and frustrations of my ministry. This has been a blessing and I am truly grateful.”

Contact your consultant in the Office of Evangelization and Catechesis for assistance in finding a mentor and for more information.