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Sean Ater
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Dina Beach
Associate Director for Latino Catechesis

Ryan Mahle
Managing Director – New Evangelization

Andrea Patch
Managing Director – Curriculum and Discipleship

Denise Warnecke
Associate Director Vocare Certification and RCIA

ACRE Assessment

NCEA is using a new system for ACRE Assessment.

ACRE Assessment 2018/2019

The NCEA IFG:ACRE assessment is now being administered by a new company: My Catholic Faith Technologies, and with that comes a few changes. Please see below for an explanation of the test and how to administer it.

  1. The website to order the ACRE assessment is The assessment has not changed, just the type of testing options. When you choose “order now” it will take you to a page with options for administering the test.
  2. There are 2 options for administering the ACRE:
  3. Paper/pencil test:This is the method traditionally used with ACRE. If you have the most recent test books (2013 edition used last year) those are the same books that will be used again this year, so you do not have to buy new books. However, the answer sheets have changed, and all parishes and schools will need to purchase new answer sheets if you choose this option for administering the ACRE.

** Please allow about 50-60 minutes for both sections of the ACRE test. If you are completing the assessment online and close out after the first section, you will need to start over for the second section, as names are not connected to the test. **

NCEA will accept any old ACRE/IFG answer sheets for a refund up to the amount that have been ordered from NCEA’s new partner My Catholic Faith Technologies. They will refund them at $3 per answer sheet and a .20 cent premium over the purchase price to cover the shipping costs to return them. All information including the cover sheet to download is found at Send answer sheets along with school or parish contact information to:

National Catholic Educational Association

Attn: ACRE/IFG Answer Sheet Returns; 1005 N. Glebe Road; Suite 525; Arlington, VA 22201

  1. Online Test: The online option is new this year. Simply go to the level you need (Level 1: Grade 5; Level 2: Grade 8/9; Level 3: Grade 11/12) and enter the amount of students who will be taking the test. The cost for the online method is $3.50 a student.
  2. Timing: All tests must be completed and sent in by Feb. 28. It should take approximately 2 weeks for the paper/pencil tests to be scored once received. The online tests will have feedback immediately for the teachers and students.
  3. Please remind students to complete both parts of the test. If completing online, both parts must be completed in the same session. The students’ accounts are anonymous, and they will not be able to log back in and complete it later. Click ‘Submit’ to finalize answers for Part 1 and a score will appear. Then hit ‘Continue’ to proceed to Part 2. Click ‘Submit’ once finished with Part 2.

If you have any further questions, please see the website above or contact Ori at, or  913-800-6893.

If you still have questions, please contact Lisa Fletcher –