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NCEA IFG: ACRE Frequently Asked Questions

October 2016



  1. Why must my parish or school participate in NCEA IFG: ACRE (National Catholic Educational Information for Growth Assessment of Children/youth Religious Education.
    Archdiocese of Cincinnati Religious Education Policy #2108.02 states, “The NCEA ACRE Assessment must be administered in every parish and school annually.” Each of us in catechetical leadership should assess/evaluate our program to determine its strengths and areas of concern. The NCEA IFG: ACRE instrument gives data-based information from which to do that evaluation and plan more effectively for the future.
  2. How do I order materials (Question Booklets and Scoring Sheets)?
    Order materials from CAL (Computerized Assessment ad learning, LLC) at http://ncea.caltesting.org/ or 866-406-3850. Click on “Order IFG:ACRE materials” to access materials to order or download. Brochures which include an order form are available on-line at English: http://ncea.caltesting.org/docs/2013IFG-ACREBrochure10-17-13.pdf. Spanish: http://www.ncea.org/sites/default/files/documents/13_ifg_brochure_SPAN_v3.pdf. The brochures are also available from your regional Office for Evangelization and Discipleship.
  3. When do we administer NCEA IFG: ACRE?
    NCEA IFG: ACRE is administered to Grade 12 in Catholic High Schools in the Fall. Completed score sheets are due to CAL for scoring by November 17, 2017. NCEA IFG: ACRE is administered to Grades 5 & 8 in Catholic Elementary Schools and all Parish Grades in January. Completed score sheets are due to CAL for scoring by February 16, 2018. Please schedule with consideration for potential inclement weather building closures, so that you can meet the posted deadlines.
  4. How many students do we need to participate in NCEA IFG: ACRE?
    You may assess any number of students to receive a summary of the scores on the Knowledge Domains – Part I. To receive summary reports on the Affective Categories – Part II, a group of six (6) or more students must comprise the group. If you order the individual student reports you will receive a copy of all of the individual score reports on Part I, no matter the number of students participating.
  5. What are the Special Codes for Grade 8 Students?
    NCEA and Computer Aided Learning no longer compile the high school codes for eighth grade students who participate in the ACRE assessment.
  6. What is a Header Sheet and how many do I need?
    A completed Header Sheet contains important information for the scoring of your students’ answer sheets. Please order and complete a Header Sheet for each level administered. If you have more than one class for a level and would like a report for each class, order and complete a header sheet for each class. You will then receive a report for each class plus a summary of the whole level. Be sure to order a few extra Header Sheets than you think you will need.
  7. What is a Cover Sheet?
    A Cover Sheet (usually yellow) comes with your materials. Place it on top of your whole order to be scored. Please include all the information requested so that CAL knows where to send your reports and keep your contact person current. Click Here for a cover sheet.
  8. Where do I send our completed Answer Sheets?
    Send your completed score sheets directly to CAL by traceable shipping (UPS, FedEX, USPS, RPS, etc.) by the due date to:
                         Computerized Assessments and Learning, LLC
                                     1202 East 23rd Street, Suite B
                                            Lawrence, KS 66046
  9. When and how will I get my reports?
    You will receive your parish or school results about three weeks after they are received by CAL. You will receive the Archdiocesan and National Averages Report of the level(s) you administered shortly after CAL has received all the answer sheets from our parishes and schools. As of July 1, 2008 your ACRE Report will be sent to your contact person electronically by email unless you “opt out” by marking the appropriate box on your order form or ask for a printed report when ordering by phone. A small additional fee will apply.
  10. What kind of reports will I get?
    Your parish or school NCEA IFG: ACRE Report will include an item-by-item summary breakdown of your group’s responses on Faith Knowledge-Part I questions as well as a graphed summary of the Domains: God, Church, Liturgy and Sacraments, Revelation, Life in Christ, Church History, Prayer/Religious Practices and Catholic Faith Literacy. The Beliefs, Attitudes, Practices and Perceptions Section of Part II also has item-by-item graphed summaries in the Categories: Catholic Identity, Images of God, Morality, Relationship with Jesus, Relationship with Others, Perception about School/Parish Religious Education Program and Student Concerns. If you order the Individual Student Reports, you will receive each student’s individual scores for the Faith Knowledge – Part I Section. You will not get individual scores for the Beliefs, Attitudes, Practices and Perceptions – Part II Section in order to assure confidentiality. After all archdiocesan school and parish answer sheets are received by CAL, an Archdiocese and National Averages Report will be sent to your ACRE contact person by email.
  11. Where can I find more information regarding NCEA IFG: ACRE?
    *Check the NCEA Web Page at http://www.ncea.org/faith-education/acre-faq.
    Locally, contact Danny Schneible at 937-223-4074 or dschneible@catholiccincinnati.org.
    Borrow the NCEA ACRE Mini Presentation from your regional media center to inform your catechists, teachers, parents, education commission or parish council about NCEA ACRE and how it can benefit your parish or school. (http://legacy.catholiccincinnati.org/oec/catalog/) This presentation (35 – 45 minutes) in Power Point (MP 0001) or Overhead (MP 0002) includes the script and an opening prayer for the catechetical leader to use. Topics include: What NCEA ACRE is, what it measures, administration information and reports received.
     Borrow VC 2146, “NCEA ACRE Assessment Workshop,” from your regional media center. This video for NCEA ACRE Coordinators explains the purpose and implementation of NCEA ACRE as well as how to read and interpret the reports received.
    Contact your regional media center to reserve a time to borrow these materials. Northern Region 937-498-1192 or sidneymediacenter@catholiccincinnati.org
    Dayton Region 513-223-4075 or daytonmediacenter@catholiccincinnati.org
  12. Should I inform the parents of our students before administering NCEA IFG: ACRE? It is advisable to give parents notice prior to the administration of NCEA IFG: ACRE. Click Here for a sample letter you may adapt to fit your circumstances.
  13. What should I do if we cannot comply with the policy to administer NCEA IFG: ACRE?
    Rarely is there a reason why a school or parish is unable to participate in NCEA IFG: ACRE. If this is the case however, the catechetical leader must write a letter to Sean Ater, Archdiocesan Director of the Office for Evangelization and Discipleship, 100 East Eighth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 and request an exemption by November 1st.
  14. May a teacher or catechist go over the questions with students after NCEA IFG: ACRE was administered to them?
    No. The administration manual and safe handle policies forbid using the actual NCEA IFG: ACRE questions for post assessment teaching. The teacher or catechist may, however, go over the CONTENT contained in the questions, i.e., incarnation, virtue of hope, evangelist, etc. and use that as a springboard to clarify teaching.
  15. How should I comply with the NCEA IFG: ACRE Archdiocese of Cincinnati Policy to administer NCEA IFG- ACRE if my parish has a summer religious education program?
    Administer NCEA ACRE to your students in at least one level during your summer program, or invite those students back for your parish’s scheduled assessment date. Send your completed answer sheets to CAL for scoring after August 1. CAL will score your answer sheets and send you your parish report as shortly after they are received. Your scores will be included in the average scores for the archdiocese the following spring. After all other parishes administer NCEA ACRE in the spring, an archdiocesan report will be sent to you.