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Receiving your NCEA ACRE and IFG Reports

As of July 1, 2008 all NCEA ACRE and IFG reports will be sent to the parish or school contact person electronically by email. This feature will give you the opportunity to choose the pages of a report to print or email to others who need the information.

You can still receive a printed hard copy of your NCEA ACRE and IFG reports for a small additional fee. To “opt out” of electronic reporting, mark the appropriate box on the order form or ask for printed reports when you place your order by phone. You must “opt out” in order to receive printed reports.

For more information contact:

Ms. Marcella “Mickie” Abatemarco at mabatemarco@ncea.org.
Computerized Assessments and Learning 866-406-3850 or www.ncea.caltesting.org

Or you can contact:

Lisa Flecther, Office for Evangelization & Discipleship at lfletcher@catholiccincinnati.org