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Gabrielle Bouscaren Fund

Gabrielle Bouscaren was born in Cincinnati in 1891.  She was a caring woman of deep faith.  In 1931, along with her brother, the Rev. Timothy L. Bouscaren, S.J. and Frances Homan, she introduced the Released Time Program in Cincinnati under Catholic auspices.  Released time programs, which still exist today, enable students to leave their public schools to participate in religious education.

When Gabrielle died in 1986 she left not only a legacy of initiative in religious education, but also a bequest, the interest of which is to be used for religious education in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Grants of $1000 or less are awarded to Catechetical Leaders and to currently employed Catholic High School Religion Teachers seeking to complete the requirements for archdiocesan certification or to continue their professional development.

Applications are to be submitted by April 1 for summer and fall courses and by November 1 for winter and spring courses.  Grant recipients will be notified by May 1 (summer and fall) or December 1 (winter and spring).

The grants are payable to the institution offering the Theology or Religious Education course that the applicant will be taking at the undergraduate or graduate level or in the Lay Pastoral Ministry Program.

Applications will obtain a letter of recommendation or statement of support from their Pastor or Religion Department Chairperson.

Office for Evangelization and Discipleship staff members will award grants based on:

Application forms are available online or by request from the Office for Evangelization and Discipleship.  At the completion of the course a one page paper relating to the benefits of the course is to be submitted to the Director of the Office for Evangelization and Discipleship.  For complete information about the Bouscaren Grant, please see the brochure.  Click here for application or brochure