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Dan Thimons, Director
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Divorce and Separation

divorce-11Loneliness and other difficulties are often the lot of separated spouses, especially when they are the innocent parties. The ecclesial community must support such people more than ever. It must give them much respect, solidarity, understanding and practical help…
-Familiaris Consortio p 83.

Is your spouse hurting you?

The Catholic Church permits physical separation from a spouse when he or she causes grave danger to the other spouse or to their children. In this case, you should get help right away.

Answers to common questions about divorce & annulments

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Marriage Ministry

Save Your Marriage 

If you find yourself in a place where you are struggling in your marriage or even considering divorce, there are valuable tools and resources that might be able to help save and renew your marriage.


All marriages experience some dark times and troubles. Despite all efforts to prepare for marriage, sometimes marriages are hurting.  Retrouvaille is a weekend retreat experience intended for these troubled marriages.  Through discussion, presentation, and prayer, couples are aided in conflict resolution and problem solving skills.  It has been described as “a lifeline” for these marriages.   Please visit for more information.  

Third Option

The Third Option is a skills-based group program that helps participants build stronger, more fulfilling marriages.  Each 14-session cycle covers a comprehensive set of tools that couples can use to develop better understanding, sensitivity and trust while learning more effective speaking and listening skills.  A couple can join at any point of the 14-session cycle.  If your partner is not ready, you can even come on your own!  To find a group, click here.

Counseling Services

Too often, couples wait until there are serious wounds and mistrust in a relationship before they turn to counseling services.  We believe it is not a sign of weakness but rather great strength to seek out the skills and support you need to save your marriage.  We recommend Catholic Charities and Catholic Social Services at this time.


Dayton and the North


The damage pornography and sexual addiction has on a relationship is not only psychological and emotional.  It actually brings about a physiological harm similar to many controlled substances.  If your marriage is being negatively impacted by pornography or sexual addiction, we encourage you to become better informed, and to consider seeing an expert.

Further Resources and Information

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Marriage Encounter Weekends are a special time for a married couple away from all distractions: work, kids, bills, and other pressures and concerns. When was the last time you had a weekend like that? It takes place at a local hotel or facility where presentations are given in the conference room and couples reside at the hotel/facility for the entire weekend. For more information or to find a weekend, click here.