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Dan Thimons, Director
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Human fertility is one of the greatest and most powerful gifts that God has given to us.  It is not a tool to be manipulated or used, but rather a gift that beckons us to self-awareness, responsibility, and cooperation with our creator. Fertility Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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There are few things which the Church has so thoroughly and eloquently discussed as the goodness of the creative power between loving spouses. Listed below are just a few of our favorite statements in which the Church articulates on the complexity of today’s fertility questions.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church

The Fruitfulness of Spousal Union –paragraphs 2366 through 2372
The Great Gift of a New Child –paragraphs 2373 through 2379

Statements of The US Conference of Catholic Bishops

Life-Giving Love in an Age of Technology –How to rightly use one’s fertility
Ethical Directives for Catholic Hospitals –Instructions for Members of the Medical Profession
Reproductive Technology –A simple list of specific medical guidelines for Christian spouses
We also encourage you to visit the USCCB Fertility Page

Documents of the Holy See

Donum Vitae — Instructions of Respect for Human Life
Dignitatis Personae — An exploration of certain bioethical questions