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Dan Thimons
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Office for Marriage & Family Evangelization & Discipleship
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Cincinnati, OH 45202
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Dan Thimons, Director
Benj Klare, Anti-porn

Courage / Encourage

Same-sex attraction:

“The Church seeks to enable every person to live out the universal call to holiness. Persons with a same-sex attraction ought to receive every aid and encouragement to embrace this call personally and fully. This will unavoidably involve much struggle and self-mastery, for following Jesus always means following the way of the Cross…. The Sacraments of the Eucharist and of Penance are essential sources of consolation and aid on this path.”
– USCCB, Ministry to Persons with a Homosexual Inclination (2006), p. 13

Videos: The Third Way Desire of the Everlasting Hills

Book: Why I Don’t Call Myself Gay

Website: Truth and Love

Local ministry to men and women with same sex attraction and their families:

The Church has long been aware of the need of a genuine pastoral outreach to persons who experience same sex attraction (SSA).

Courage International and EnCourage are the only Archdiocesan approved ministries assisting those who experience SSA and their families to embrace the freedom and power that comes from living life to its fullness in Christ through the Catholic Church.

Please be aware that the Archdiocesan Office for Marriage & Family Evangelization & Discipleship does not sanction any parish based or school based group ministering to those with same-sex attraction and their loved ones. Some of these independent groups may promote and advocate positions contrary to Catholic teaching.


Courage International is an apostolate in the Catholic Church to aid those who experience same sex attraction in a healthy integration of life. Through a small group format, members share their experience and challenge one another to a greater holiness of life. For more information, email (Cincinnati), (Dayton & North), or leave a confidential voicemail at 513-488-1291


The Archdiocese of Cincinnati is home to a local chapter of EnCourage, which is “an apostolate which provides pastoral care for families and friends of people who experience same sex attractions and/or gender dysphoria. In many cases, their loved ones have adopted the LGBTQ label, and may have moved away from actively practicing their faith.” For more information, please call (513) 327-8186 or email