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Ecumenical Marriage

Marriages in which the partners do not share the same religious persuasion and affiliation are canonically considered “mixed” marriages, or ecumenical marriages.  If one member of the couple is a Catholic (Christian) and the other a non-Christian (e.g. Jewish, Hindu, Muslim), the marriage is considered interfaith.  Normally, Catholic/Protestant couples are referred to as interchurch couples. Mixed marriages also include marriages in which the non-Catholic party has no religious persuasion.  We know that ecumenical families are not identical; their lifestyles and faith choices are varied.  Some families choose a single faith identity, while other families work hard to include both traditions in their religious lifestyle.  Whatever the choices in your family, the Family and Respect Life Office works hard to provide you with support and resources.


It is recommended that the parish minister preparing the engaged couple spend time exploring the influence and impact of the differing faith traditions on their future life together.  Experience shows there are a number of areas that should be explored: