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Marriage and Family Life Contact:

Dan Thimons
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100 East Eighth St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(513) 421-3131 voice
(513) 421-1582 fax

Dan Thimons  x 2621
Teresa Kaltenbach, Admin. Asst. x 2653

Noreen Wendeln
1436 Needmore Rd.
Dayton OH 45414
(937) 222-0227 voice
(937) 279-9482 fax

Natural Family Planning (NFP)


Note: The following medical professionals and NFP instructors have been trained in an NFP method. This list is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute a recommendation or an endorsement by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Couple to Couple League – Sympto Thermal Method

For an up-to-the-minute listing of NFP classes in your area and to register for classes, visit

Need to find out more about NFP before signing up for a class, download CCL’s NFP Brochure:  CCL-NFP

Sylvia M. Corson, RN, CFCP – Creighton Method

Jason R. Mattingly, MD, CFCMC – Creighton Method

Paul Day, MD  – Creighton Method

Emily C. Lewis, FCPI – Creighton Method

Tina Schmit – Creighton Method


Santa Ana Fertility CareCreighton Method

Billings Ovulation Method – BOMA

  • Email and Phone Assistance Only  with Brooke E. Kaszynski
  • 5137 Broomsedge Drive
  • Dayton, Ohio 45431
  • E-mail:
  •  (719) 393-3626

NFP International (Sympto-Thermal Method and Ecological Breastfeeding)

John & Sheila Kippley

Paul and Bethany Bachmeyer