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Dan Thimons, Director
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Ryan Mahle, Marriage Prep

Natural Family Planning

A full Natural Family Planning Class Series will provide positive relational benefits to live a free, total, faithful, and fruitful marriage.

Today’s engaged couples find great benefit in a full Natural Family Planning class series.  Though many couples are initially reluctant, by the end of the third NFP class, over 90% of engaged couples say that they would recommend the classes to a friend, and 98% find the classes beneficial to their marriage.

Today’s young couples are not merely open to the beauty of Natural Family Planning, they are really hungering for a way to plan their family that is both natural and in accord with the deepest desires of our heart.

Since openness to life is at the very heart of Christian marriage, it is important that all those preparing engaged couples for marriage present Natural Family Planning in a positive light, stressing the communication and relational benefits, as well as the proven science behind NFP.

Couples make choose to take their full NFP class series from any approved Natural Family Planning provider