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Richard Kelly
Chief Financial Officer
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100 East Eighth Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
(513) 421-3131 ext. 6607

401(k) Information




The Archdiocese of Cincinnati is pleased to present the Archdiocese 401 (k) Plan originally effective January 1, 2011.   This Plan is an important benefit intended to help employees in their retirement years as a supplement to their personal retirement savings, Social Security benefits, the frozen Archdiocese of Cincinnati Pension Plan for Lay Employees and the terminated Archdiocese of Cincinnati 403(b) Plan.  Eligible participants can: (1) make their Section 401 (k) elective contributions; (2) receive Archdiocese base contributions; and (3) receive favorable tax advantages through either traditional or Roth 401 (k) elections.

Specific 401(k) account details, investment options, and additional retirement readiness tools are attainable through or by calling Plan Participant Services at 866.258.4777.

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