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Rally for Hope

Rally for Hope

Rally in support of immigrants

Rally for Hope, which took place in East Price Hill on Saturday March 12, brought hundreds together to march in solidarity with the immigrant community in the area. As a result of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids in three states in early January, 121 adults and children were taken into custody to be held until they are deported. ICE made its presence known in Price Hill a month later, causing a wave of fear among the local immigrants, especially newly arrived Central American women and children, since the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sees fit to target this group.

People gathered in the parking lot of Holy Family Church for a prayer service, which preceded the march. The service included personal stories shared by immigrants who have suffered intensely. Miriam Zelaya spoke of the six years she worked as a housekeeper in the United States so she could use the money she saved to go back to Honduras and start her own business. When she opened her clothing shop, a gang leader demanded $75.00 a week from her, under threat of death to her and her son. She had no choice but to give up, go into hiding and head back to the United States to stay alive. She is presently battling the courts to be able to remain here with her seven-year-old son. “If we are forced to go back to Honduras, who knows what will become of us,” Miriam said. She, of course, represents countless others who have similar stories.

Among the rally participants were Fr. Len Wenke, pastor of Holy Family Church; Fr. Louis Gasparini, Director of Hispanic Ministry; and Tony Stieritz, Director of Catholic Social Action. The group comprised a variety of cultures and backgrounds and formed an energetic, committed community of support. They marched a two-mile route and were supported along the way by people blowing their horns and waving. There were no confrontations anywhere along the way.

Connected in the spirit of mission

BellBelland tabernacle.JPG croppedWhen the chapel in the village of Payconop in Santa Eulalia, Guatemala was damaged beyond repair, the community came together and started building a replacement just across the road from the one they lost. It took them a year of hard work, but they now have a beautiful new chapel, solid and spacious. As the townspeople did the manual labor, Guatemalan members of the St. Charles Borromeo Catholic community in Cincinnati supported them in prayer and financially. To celebrate the completion of the project, they had a bell made and sent it, along with a tabernacle, to the village. They did this in connection with Mission Sunday, celebrated this past October 18th, as a way of living out their commitment to the Church’s missionary activity. As Pope John Paul II said, World Mission Sunday is “an important day in the life of the Church because it teaches how to give…”

Bible study class well attended

A six-week bible study class offered in Spanish has been under way at St. Julie Billiart parish in Hamilton and St. Charles Borromeo in Cincinnati. Both locations have seen a steady attendance of 30-50 participants. (Click on pictures to enlarge.)


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Faith formation program for Latinos a huge success

In his apostolic exhortation, Ecclesia in America, Saint John Paul II says, “It is more necessary than ever for all the faithful to move from a faith of habit, sustained perhaps by social context alone, to a faith which is conscious and personally lived.” Ken Gleason, recently retired director of Evangelization and Catechesis for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, sees the Catholics among the estimated 70-80,000 Latinos in the archdiocesan demographic area as very much a part of “all the faithful.”

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Prayer procession for healing                   

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Well deserved awards go to Hispanic Ministry directors

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Fr. Louis Gasparini, Director of Hispanic Ministry

Fr. Louis Gasparini, Director of Hispanic Ministry

Sr. Maria Stacy with Fr. Samuel Gonzalez

Sr. Maria Stacy with Fr. Samuel Gonzalez