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Holy Angels Dayton

Courtesy of Laura Seyfang:

An enthusiastic group of 17 teens from the Holy Angels Catholic Church in Dayton recently returned from a week long mission trip in Trinidad. The youths, aged 15-19, were all students at Chaminade-Julienne or Oakwood High Schools.  Coming together for this service trip provided an incredible bond of friendship and recognition of oneness both inside the team and with the host country.

The youths, with their three adult chaperones, spent their days plastering the outside of a newly constructed church in Debe, a small rural community in central Trinidad. The work was hot, messy and required a skill which several members eventually managed to master. Afternoons were filled with local children who came to participate in games, songs, crafts and exchange of stories.  The openness and delight shown by the children to share their faith and stories was rewarding for all.  The team attended services at this Pentecostal church one evening, which was a new and eye-opening experience.

While in Trinidad, the Dayton group got to experience the feast of Corpus Christi.  In this country, this is a very special feast day, celebrated with much grandeur.   Seven local parishes joined together in the city of San Fernando at Our Lady of Perpetual Health Church for a Mass and 2 hour procession, walking up and down the hills through the city.  Our Dayton team of visitors was recognized and warmly wlecomed by the church and made many friends.  The group enjoyed seeing the similarity of celebrating Mass so far from home, and later, had excellent in-depth discussions about the similarity and differences in how people worship around the world and what is important about our faith for each of us.

Here are a few quotes from team members:

“The mission trip to Trinidad was such a memorable and  eye-opening experience. It taught me so much about myself and the others on the trip with me.  It really made we appreciate how much I have been blessed with and I have learned to waste less and be thankful for what I have.  ”  ~Anna McGovern

” The Trinidad mission trip for me was the best experience of my life. Being able to take part of another countries culture, celebrating the Eucharist on the feast of Corpus Christi, praising God in different ways, enjoying the food, working with your hands and not machines, and being with the kids. One of the most important things to me was taking part in small group reflection every night. Everyone in my group became very close and really opened up with each other. One thing that I took back home with this trip is how thankful I am for how much I have and how simple life can be in order to be happy.”  ~ Joe Rank

“The mission trip to Trinidad was really fun.  It was a really great experience and I  loved seeing their culture and meeting all the people. I have so many great memories from the trip and got to know everyone so well. ” ~Anne Whalen

“Our Trinidad trip meant a lot to me and exceeded my expectations. I especially enjoyed our trip to the catholic church on the feast of Corpus Christi. Being able to celebrate a holiday that means so much to the natives, truly made an impact on the way I feel about the Eucharist. I will always remember how all of the kids were dressed up in their cub scout outfits and little dresses and were ecstatic to see us. The warm welcome they gave us and the smiles they had the whole time made it all the better. Being able to have that day completed my trip and left a lasting impact on how I feel about Trinidad.” ~Alex Rank