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Office of Due Process Contact:

Archdiocese of Cincinnati
100 East Eighth Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Phone: (513) 421-3131

Office of Due Process

The Office of Due Process for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati was established in 1973 to foster the resolution of disputes between members of the Church. It emphasizes the use of fair procedures and open communication in its mediation efforts. The services of the Office of Due Process are available to members of the Christian faithful within the Archdiocese. You can contact the Office for information or assistance.

Due Process in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a confidential process in which the parties attempt to settle their dispute with the assistance of a mediator who facilitates communication between the parties to assist them to reach a mutually agreeable resolution.

When Would Mediation be Helpful?

  • When a parish or group does not offer its own procedures for conciliation and mediation.
  • When the actions of a person with authority in the Church seem unduly arbitrary or unfair with the person involved.
  • When members of the Church disagree and are unable to reach a private reconciliation with one another.

Role of the Mediator

The mediator is impartial and will treat all parties equally. The Mediator will assist parties to:

  • Identify issues;
  • Open lines of communication;
  • Assist parties to reach an agreeable resolution.

The mediator will:

  • Call by phone or meet with the parties in separate or joint sessions;
    Will provide the opportunity for all parties to be heard.
  • The Mediator can make a real contribution toward the peaceful and equitable resolution of disputes.

To Use this Process

First use the resolution process at your parish, school or group level.
Contact the Office of Due Process for assistance if no resolution process is available or there is an improper application of the local process.